Especially Ralph! Now how do I run, when I got so many inquiries now about what I’m doing?

Hmmm…I guess I could talk to them about expanding their own knowledge on business and give them the books and tapes, hahahaa, but that’s not much of a friend eh?

So exit out gracefully from PL’s  and take my losses now. Concentrate on real businesses or at least those not based on an PL’s strategy.

How about “Small businesses anyone can start” and sell it for a couple of bucks? Or since I’m in web programming, advice on how to achieve maximum results (and customers) using web techniques?

Actually, I was already working on this before I got sidetracked to AmrtQuix. So everyone is saying stay away from MLM? What about those who are in BigPlanet, Excel, Herbalife and 2by2 not in AQQuix? Does the same apply for them?

Thank you for opening my eyes before it was too late. Again, thanks for your comments…

My hubby works with a fellow who has been pestering him to come over and discuss Primerica (I believe that is what it is called). Reluctantly my hubby agreed. I did a search and came up that this is some type of scam and he will do some type financial analysis. Is this correct? He is coming over tonight, and I want to be armed with ammunition. What can I expect? What will he talk about or say? Will he ask for all our assets and debts? What is Primerica? Any advice is very much appreciated.

Paula recommends payday loans because she makes a TON of money from payday participants who buy his materials and who pay him to speak at their functions. So it’s in his financial interest to endorse payday.

As for joining ILA (or any other QQNO) “for the education,” I would strongly suggest another course of action that won’t try to manipulate you.

If you are seriously interested in getting involved in a business of your own, do yourself a favor and do some reading about BUSINESS from legitimate sources.

Two books that I frequently recommend are by Paul & Sarah Edwards, who are nationally known writers and speakers on the subject of home-based business. They have quite a few books out, and all of them are worth reading. But the two I recommend are “Finding Your Perfect Work,” and “The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook.”

If you want to take more control over your financial success by embarking on a business venture, it should be one that you are suited for, based on your interests, temperatment, and training. These books will help you determine what that might be, and will help you to get started.
Without coercion, abuse of trust, or deception in the process. . .